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  • Published : August 27, 2012
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Change Management and Communication Plan
LT B: Angela Shoemaker, Jeanine Miller, Orlando Jim, Robert Cano, and Valerie Heiby MGT 311: Organizational Development
August 13, 2012
Sarah Babu

Change Management and Communication Plan

Section I: Change Management Plan
Characteristics and Influences of Corporate Culture on Employee Behavior Riordan Manufacturing has a hospitable atmosphere. The Working culture in Riordan welcomes staff members’ participation in the developments that the employees carry out. Riordan attempts to keep the lines of communication open as well as keep the organization as translucent as feasible. The procedures at Riordan are set for teamwork in addition to building well-built associations through their workforce. The culture of the organization is individual as well as team oriented. The organization is going through management coaching to assist by way of the problems that the organization has been experiencing over the past three years with discipline, in addition to training. The organization has been trying to get better on the weak areas in addition to showing the workforce that the organization is constantly eager to improve the atmosphere to improve the business and the workforce relations. The constancy of Riordan assists by means of job fulfillment for the workforce. Furthermore, by doing so it demonstrates to the competition that Riordan Manufacturing Company is capable of adapting to the changes in the market and deliver satisfactorily to Riordan’s consumers. Riordan Manufacturing is steadfast in providing the finest atmosphere for their workforce to work in. Sources of Resistance to Change

Riordan Manufacturing is in the camp to revamp the organizations customer management system. Opposition to change can be difficult to administer. It is essential to recognize the sources of resistance on the road to form a positive change. Resistance to transform may result from an individual or the organization itself.

Strategies to Manage Resistance to Change
When transformation has presented itself inside an organization it is essential to develop an implementation strategy. Riordan Manufacturing is in the process to implement the changes to the organization’s customer management system over the next 12 months. Riordan Manufacturing is also in the process opening up a communication strategy, encouraging the workforce to communicate thoughts and feelings in addition to general attitude concerning the change. With an open communication strategy, Riordan Manufacturing believes that it will create positive energy for the workforce. In addition, Riordan Manufacturing will have their leaders supervise and manage the workforce’s attitudes. Section II: Communication Plan

Most Appropriate Communication Channels
Because Riordan Manufacturing has a welcoming atmosphere, is it important to keep that atmosphere throughout the organization and an objective to maintain. This information can be made available laterally or downward. Whether through oral or written communication to a formal small group of managers or to a large group of subordinates, the information should be direct and clear about what the message should convey. After the initial meeting the information should be given verbally and written to make the employees better understand why this particular change is necessary. The information provided to them should filter down to subordinates, thus ensuring understanding and compliance with the message. Potential Barriers to Effective Communication

Several potential barriers may exist in communicating information downward, upward or laterally. There is the potential for upper management to filter or be selective with their information made available to subordinates. In addition, when a message is given with emotion, it can be both good and bad; this would depend on the person providing the information. Other...
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