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Topics: Management, Change management, Organization Pages: 3 (767 words) Published: November 27, 2010
The First Change Analysis Paper:

Change Analysis Done By:
Melissa J. Love

Keller University, 2010
Professor: Robin Goins

Change Analysis: Images

Six Images of managing change consist of change manager as Director, change manager as Navigator, change manager as Caretaker, change manager as Coach, change manager as Interpreter, and change manager as Nurturer. In my organization and change within it in the context of different images of change is a factor within the organization. I would like to add that my previous company has experienced changes whether it is monthly and/or weekly.

The question under discussion lies in imagining me being present at the senior managers meeting and explaining to them the reasons for change and my own role as a manager in this change process as well as what could have been done differently if we implemented the images of change.

If I consider the situation from the angle of some management role, I suppose to choose the change manager as Coach and change manager as Director. The director image is based on an image of management as control and of change outcomes as being achievable (Managing Organizational Change, 2009). The reason for being the Director should keep the main focus in tack as well as deliver the change in a positive matter. Change manager as Director takes charge and understands that the change outcomes will be achieved anyway. Change here is considered to be a prior intent and thus is not supposed to have any obstacles. In our case change has to be perceived as beneficial for the entire organization. Thus, its goals align with interests of all its employees.

When we consider acquisition it is really a prior intent and in the context of our business environment this change is beneficial for our company, while our employees are interested in success of our firm which is their own personal success and well-being. Also, it is evident that our change lied in...
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