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Prepared for: Marn Lim, Klintonn Poh, Circe Henestrosa Prepared by: Teo Jia En 12565 FH3E 4th November 2010 Fashion Management DE1207 Project 2 Lasalle College of the Arts


Chanelʼs Brand Strategies Analysis Report | By Teo Jia En November 4, 2010

  TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 Executive Summary 2.0 Company Background and History 2.1 History of Chanel and Information on Chanel S.A. 2.2 Chanel Asia Pacific and Singapore boutiques 3.0 Industry Analysis 3.1 Target Audience 3.2 Market Positioning 3.3 Market Sector 3.4 Competitor Analysis 4.0 Company Analysis 4.1 SWOT: Micro economical analysis 4.2 PEST: Macro economical analysis 4.3 Comparison of Chanel in Europe vs. Singapore 4.4 Product Development and Collection 4.5 Types and Range of Merchandise In-store 4.6 Timeline of Product Development Process 4.7 Prices and Seasons. 5.0 Strategic Analysis & Recommendations 5.1 Recommendations 5.2 Conclusion 6.0 Appendix Appendix A: Chanel High Quality Details Appendix B: Chanel Publicity Campaigns Featuring Global Celebrities Appendix C: Chanel Famous Collection Appendix D: Chanel Range of Merchandise Appendix E: Chanel Reissue 2.55 And Exclusive Bags   7.0 References 7.1 Book Sources 7.2 Journal & Analyst Sources 7.3 Web Sources 7.4 Image Sources 8.0 Endnotes


Chanelʼs Brand Strategies Analysis Report | By Teo Jia En November 4, 2010

  1.0 Executive Summary As global economy is recovering, the number of wealthy Asians willing to spend on luxury goods is also increasing. In a technology world today, both young and old rely on the Internet and increasingly, smart phones for entertainment and information on the go. Chanel is an established luxury fashion and beauty company in France, founded by the stylish Coco Chanel, famous for revolutionizing womenʼs fashion and introducing timeless elegance and style. Apart from a long history, Chanelʼs strength also lies in cult designer Karl Lagerfeld who never fails to interest consumers and a management team that if highly effective in preserving and promoting the brand image and attuned to consumerʼs needs and market trends. Chanel will no doubt retain her powerful market positioning by continuing the excellent job she is doing. To expand her market share, she can increase emphasis on new media marketing and consider e-commerce, something that competitors are already venturing into. This paper seeks to analysis Chanelʼs performance, particularly in the Asian context and provides recommendations for what can be improved to further expand Chanelʼs global power.


Chanelʼs Brand Strategies Analysis Report | By Teo Jia En November 4, 2010

  2.0 Company Background and History 2.1 History of Chanel and Information on Chanel S.A.S. Chanel is a Parisian fashion house founded by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, recognized as one of the most established in haute couture, specializing in luxury goods. Chanel has always specialized in items such as simple suits, dresses, women's pants, and costume jewelry. Coco Chanel's designs and creations are timeless, considering the basic silhouettes have remained consistent from generation to generation.1 According to Forbes, the privately held House of Chanel is jointly owned by Alain Wertheimer and Gerard Wertheimer. They are the grandsons of the early Chanel partner Pierre Wertheimer.2

Chanel S.A.S. designs, manufactures, and retails fashion and beauty products, and other accessories. Chanel S.A.S. was founded in 1909 and is headquartered in Neuilly sur Seine, France with over 200 boutiques worldwide.3

2.2 Chanel Asia Pacific and Singapore boutiques Information on Chanel Asia Pacific is very limited as Chanel, owned by the publicity-shy Wertheimer brothers, keeps a low profile.4

Vincent Shaw, President of Chanel Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is responsible for the companyʼs activities in Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, 4

Chanelʼs Brand Strategies...
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