Chanel Handbags, Target, and Salvation Army Swot Analysis

Topics: Target Corporation, Brand, Wal-Mart Pages: 29 (13125 words) Published: February 11, 2013
1.Most women want to express their individuality by the clothes and accessories they flaunt around. Some women seek brand names while others conform to necessities. Nonetheless, the majority of women find it helpful to carry a handbag; whether it is for storing car keys and a wallet or to match an outfit. Every year, handbags are becoming more of a status symbol then a basic essential. This paper will investigate the marketing trends of three different quality grade handbags, which are marketed to three distinct target markets. The first handbags discussed will be high quality handbag, Coco Chanel brand, second is Target brand, Massimo, handbag, and lastly are handbags found at the local Salvation Army. The Salvation Army handbags can include target brand handbags but with a significant lower price to meet its target segment. These three choices were derived from knowing that these three different socially classified consumers will not be shopping at the same place. Also, these three diverse consumers purchase purpose is most likely for different reasons. Moreover, my own fascination, collection, and expertise in handbags were a drive to conduct in depth research about this product. There are hundreds of handbags being offered to luxury brand consumers each season, but to most women options are necessary and even recommended. Also, these women are constantly changing their bags especially with different seasons; and handbag retailers like Chanel, Gucci, and Celine offer these products, which always seem to be more versatile and improved. Each season luxury brand, Chanel redesigns and innovates new styles in which they advertise them with tasteful celebrity ads. Chanel advertises in more magazine spreads then television commercials; although they market their perfume more frequently on commercials. Marketing for Chanel or other luxury handbags are never advertised on the radio and speaking for most women don’t believe marketers have taken the concept too far. In addition, in the luxury handbag industry there are only a handful of brands that consumers seek to purchase and therefore need little or no advertising. Besides, you never hear a woman saying, “ I’m so tired of reading Vogue and seeing the latest handbag on that beautiful model”. Actually, we hear the opposite and woman and teens want to portray what they see in those ads, which leads us to believe that Chanel marketers are doing just the right amount of advertising to their targeted consumer. Discount retailer, Target is known for their Massimo brand that caters to most middle class consumers. When a consumer first looks at a target ad or commercial, they see a little of everything target offers, including a few handbags. However, more marketing importance is emphasized to their electronics and other products they offered at low prices. Maybe, for this reason target does not offer too much variety in their handbag selection. Marketers at target rely more on in store advertising, which is a great idea because it causes consumer’s to get stimulated. For these reasons, we can conclude that marketers are not offering too much selection on Massimo handbags. The Salvation Army, like the one located off El Toro in Lake Forest, does not market any products including handbags. Although, the Salvation Army has a website to inform their followers, consumers, and donors about their core values they don’t market their donated goods. Overall, marketers, whether it is a high quality purse, mediocre quality purse, or just enough to get by purse, have not over exposed handbags. Just ask any woman.

2. Chanel stores are located in high-income areas like shopping malls, department stores, and airports in major cities such as: Prince Building in Hong Kong, The Chanel jouaillerie, Place Vendôme, Paris, and Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. Since 2009, China’s total consumption of luxury goods has increased to $9.4 billion; therefore Chanel along with other luxury brands are making...
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