Chanel Branding

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Brand evaluation


Parenty Agathe
Comal 3B

For this work, I choose the band Chanel because of her world wild recognition but also because I am a huge fan of her creator Gabrielle “Bonheur” Chanel also known as Coco Chanel. History
Gabrielle “Bonheur” Chanel is born in Saumur the 19 August of 1883. Her father was a snack trolley man. When she was a child her family used to call her Coco, this is why everybody in her entire life called her Coco Chanel. Her childhood was chaotic, her mother died in 1895 and her father send her and her sister in the Obazyne monastery in Correze. Then, she went to another religious institution in Moulins, where she learnt how to sew. Before she came on age, she left the institution and met Etienne Balsan who was a rich officer. He encouraged her to start as a millenist and she discovered that she got talent in fashion creation. But her independence desire was too strong and she decided to leave Etienne Balsan in a way to have her own shop and work. Indeed, Etienne Balsan thought that creation was only a hobby while Gabrielle wanted to work. This is the start of her upward mobility. With Arthur Capel‘s help, she opened her first shop in Paris in 1910 at the now famous street Rue Cambon. Three years later, she opened two other stores in Deauville and Biarritz. In 1921, she launched the first Chanel fragrance in association with Pierre Wertheimer, Chanel N°5. In 1924, “la société des Parfums Chanel” was founded to produce and sell perfumes and beauty products. This was the first Chanel brand stretching, but not the last. In the same time, she launched the first Chanel costume jewelry collection and got acclaimed by the famous magazine Harper’s Bazzar as “one of the most revolutionary designs of our time.” In 1928, she created “the little black dress” which Vogue magazine called the “new uniform of the modern woman”. Chanel Empire was built. During the Second World War, she stopped her creations and designs...
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