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“What are three of your favourite advertising campaigns, and why?” You can submit your answer to this question (approximately 1500 words) to your tutor for marking by Sunday the 19th May.

To engage, to cut through clutter
My favourite ad campaigns are Chanel – Nicole Kidman, "Little Bit Dead" TAC drink driving advertisment, lastly the Melbourne International Comedy Festival ad 'You're Not Funny' by Clemenger Melbourne. Firstly, a little background on Chanel. As we all know, it is relatively well known as a luxury brand, and its advertisement with Nicole Kidman is by no means in your face or overpowering. It used the weak In the year 2005, the highly awaited advertisement from Chanel for the perfume ‘ Coco mademoiselle’ featuring the Australian actress Nicole Kidman as the face for the new fragrance. This advertisement was displayed in women’s fashion magazines, such as ‘Vogue’, all across Europe and the United States. The image shows the young, beautiful, glamorous, Keira Knightly holding a bottle of the perfume while looking straight into the camera. Most people who view this advertisement are at least faintly familiar with the Chanel fashion house, especially women. The advertisement relies on the company’s prior ethos appeal by making Chanel’s trademark one of the first things the viewer sees. When the target audience sees this word ‘CHANEL’, one immediately recognizes the credibility and status of the fashion house. Chanel has been building up its character and credibility for over one hundred years. The fashion house has become iconic due to its originality and its now trademark clothing design. Chanel symbolizes the ultimate image of class, sophistication, and beauty because of its impeccable

Useful chanel: Transport Accident Commission ( TAC )
On December 10th 1989 the first TAC commercial went to air. In that year the road toll was 776; by last year 2008 it had...
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