Chance of Extinction for Bottle-Nose Dolphins

Topics: Atlantic Ocean, Cetacean intelligence, Bottlenose dolphin Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Year 8

Science Assignment

Animal: Atlantic Bottle-nose Dolphin

Hypothesis: I believe that the Atlantic Bottle-nose Dolphin will not become extinct anytime soon as humans have stopped using them for oil, meat and leather and their habitat is in a stable situation, apart from there being a small amount of pollution in the water and disruption in the food chain.

Atlantic Bottle-nose Dolphins can grow to a maximum length of 3.7m causing them to weigh even more than 635kgs/1,400 pounds, although this is not what every bottle-nosed dolphin weighs. They live in small pods of up to 12 whales as they are extremely social animals. In order to form congregations of hundreds of dolphins, the pods group together so that they end up being one massive group! Together, they love to hunt down mainly fish, squid, small rays or sharks and/or any other creatures on the surface of the water. They chew and swallow all of their food with their many many pairs of sharp pointed teeth that are evenly distributed in both their lower and upper jaws. There is not set place where bottle-nose Dolphins like to live. They live in different areas during the different parts of their life cycle, for example, when they are breeding and giving birth. Normally these mammals live near the coast and inshore waters from northern Cap Hatteras to southern Florida and westward through the Gulf of Mexico. Another population lives near the continental shelf off of New Jersey.

Currently the world-wide population of Atlantic Bottle-nose Dolphins is unknown although scientists are positive that they are not close to extinction. Round the Eastern Tropical Pacific there are approximately 243 500 dolphins and in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, there are roughly 35 000 – 45 000 bottle nosed dolphins! These are only 2 small figures from 2 places out of the many hundreds around the world. It is the most common dolphin of the Northern Atlantic and the Mediterranean, but sometimes they are kept captive and...
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