Chanakya on Management

Topics: Management, Ethics, Morality Pages: 9 (3220 words) Published: December 1, 2012

The title of a book “chankya on management” gives it’s reader a thought how probably 600 years back one can generate management rules and how these rules would be beneficial to me in such a modern environment .if we look carefully from 330 BC to the current market scenario of 2011 everything has been changed but may be the core management guidelines have not been changed but transformed a little bit according to the situation. The author Ashok R.Garde tries to teach every aspect through different sutras written in both Sanskrit as well as English ,Sanskrit may be because it was originally been written in that language. The book is published by jaico publishing house. The cost of the book is RS 275 in the market. If a reader pursues the book frequently he may find himself understanding several Sanskrit words. He or she may then read other books in this subject of Indian management situation.

In the very first chapter author talks about the various basis which are essential for the managers. With the help of various sutras he tries to explain what are to be needed to become a morally good manager. Happiness for all is through ethical behavior, which in turn rests on possessing adequate resources generated through enterprise. After conquering oneself should one go after acquiring as many resources as possible. Author has laid down that it is really important for a manager that first he should know himself; a manager who becomes knowledgeable in this manner automatically conquers his own self. The theories in books and their practical implication are two different aspects on which one needs to think thoroughly. It is very true to say that a manager first need to manage him in the right manner and then can probably think of managing other aspects. In one way or the other author is pointing out that a manager needs to be knowledgeable but being ethical in nature is also equally important as because of this only an enterprise can be rooted in the right manner and for the long time period.

2-COUNSELLERS Wealth generation in terms of money resources and power leads to wealth to employees and to the society. Where such wealth is equitably shared, an enterprise can perform well even without a leader or a chief. The anger of people is the greatest of all angers therefore; better have no chief than to have one without humility and moral rectitude. Do not consult an arrogant /non-ethical person just for the sake of friendship. Select as counselor a worldly-wise person tested and found to be of high integrity in terms of money, desires, religious conviction and fear. After describing the basis to become a manager in the first chapter the author next talks about the working in group in the enterprise to achieve the desired results. 3-POLICIES/STRATEGIES

All beginnings should be based on policy or project. Protecting policies leads to successful work accomplishment. The one who lets actions deviate from policy plan makes the work fail. Mistakes in adhering to policy plan push the manager under the influence of adversaries. Therefore, policies plans must be protected from all sides. In this chapter Author pinpoints only one thing that is the policies and planning for a business. It has been positively showed that in the life of managers planning is the first step to move further and this needs to be done effectively because manager’s decisions depend on this. In other aspect if we seek an example that if policies are not been laid down then probably a manager would go on to take wrong decisions and further loss to the enterprise or he has to compromise by taking decision under the influence of adversaries, who are more interested in their own advantage, even at the cost of the...
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