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With a population of 9,800 people, and home to Mont Blanc, with a height of 4810m is the highest mountain in Europe. Chamonix is the home for people that love their skiing and mountain biking. People go there to clime in the winter and walk, bike or paragliding in the summer.

Environmental Affects!

There is now more pollution in Chamonix from the traffic, and people use a lot more energy than before because of the hotels and restaurants. A tunnel called Mont Blanc Tunnel was built in 1965 to connect Chamonix to Chamonix is situated in Eastern Italy. France, very close to the border of Because of all the activities around Italy and Switzerland, which means it Chamonix there is a bit of path is situated on the Alps. This means it erosion in the area because of attracts a lot of tourists, but what is mountain biking and walking. the affects of the tourism industry in Sea of Ice in English, is a glacier located Chamonix?

£ The tourist industry has created over 2500 jobs in the area which brings a lot of money to the local economy. £ One of the most successful businesses in Chamonix is the Compagnie du Mont Blanc. This is the company that runs most of the ski lifts and rail transport in this area- it has a turnover of £50million. £ The price of houses is very expensive in the area of Chamonix, because of the people from other countries that are buying the holiday homes. “the death-sport capital of the world” on the northern slopes of the Mont Blanc massif, in the Alps. At 4.3 miles long and 660 feet deep, it is the longest glacier in France.

Electricity Generating
Sub glacial waters from the Mer de Glace are used seasonally by EDF for the generation of hydroelectricity. Tunnels bored under the glacier collect water from the base of the glacier and channel it down to a hydropower plant in the valley. This water is then discharged into the Arveyron further downstream.*WIKIPEDIA

Social Impacts!
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