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Topics: Statistics, Data, Official statistics Pages: 3 (631 words) Published: April 14, 2011
“Towards a Philippine Statistics System Responsive to Emerging National and Global Challenges”

Ninety seven million people. . . . . Seven thousand one hundred seven islands. . . Around 1.8 million tons of rice imported. . . . . Three hundred thousand square kilometers land area. . . . . Six percent tax revenue . . . . . Thousands of homeless individuals . . . . . increasing unemployment rate . . . . . declining literacy rate. . . . . Overwhelming exodus of OFW’s.

These are just some of towering data which define the Philippines and how it surpassed economic turmoil which confronted the country.

Do we not know that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? Increasing population rate means soaring of the demand of food supply and other basic needs, modern health services, improved literacy, well established security and stable economy.

Hard and trying times are faced by the world and the Philippines is no exemption. Confronted with different issues, the government has to address fundamental concerns by relying on statistical data as baseline in drafting resolutions, methodologies and frameworks to be more responsive to the current state of affairs in the local, national and international fronts. Are we adequately geared statistically speaking?

No community can survive and progress without the applications of statistics. It enable us to know the truth and also the most inferred and possible decisions in virtually all aspects of life. Local communities need compiled information and reliable estimates on demographic, social, economic and cultural trends, political opinions and polarizations, incidence of crime and corruption, productivity and employment, health standards and incidence of disasters, identifying people below poverty line for regular help, growth potential of regions, forecasting of demand, statistical models of weather forecasting and other innumerable applications of statistics of modern day...
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