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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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First Trust Savings And Loans (FTSL) Page 1 B.P: 443 Buea, Cameroon
Tel: 332-31-02 Fax: 237 332 31 02

Bank Statement
Period from 01-Jan-2008 to 18-March-2009
Ekwede Simon Metuge Ntungwe P O Box: 443 Buea
Tel.: 77508571

EEM10012670012985 Cpte D’épargnes employés Cr : CFA

Effective| Description| Tr| Reference| Debit| Credit| Value| New balance| | |
| Balance brought forward 6 450 943| 31/01/201204/03/201213/03/201218/03/200819/03/200822/03/200824/03/200802/04/200805/05/200806/05/200807/05/200808/05/200823/05/200803/06/200806/06/200806/06/200807/06/200807/06/200810/06/200810/06/200811/06/200811/06/200811/06/200812/06/200812/06/200812/06/200814/06/200816/06/200818/06/200819/06/200822/06/200811/09/200812/09/200807/11/200824/11/200825/11/200824/02/200911/03/200912/03/200918/03/2009| Cash Deposit Ekwede SimonCash Deposit Ekwede SimonTt ekwede fv Stella 2670012983…999999999999Cash withdrawal Ekwede SimonCash Deposit293098 Simon Ekwede Fv Cyprian Koah Koah 2Cash Withdrawal EkwedeCash Withdrawal EkwedeA/c To A/c Current Fv Ekwede simon Metuge 2Ekwede Simon Metuge Fv Ekwede Simon MCash Withdrawal EkwedeCash withdrawal Ekwede SCd Isearel BongCd fantong HoilCash Deposit Vincent RindaCash Dposit Nadine NgalieuRomuald AlombahMusinga Ebai Fv Ekwede Simon Metuge 999999A/c To A/c Tt Saving Fv Ekwede Simon MetugeCash Withdrawal EkwedeCash Deposit Mbanwe KennedyA/c To A/c Tt Current Fv Ekwede Simon Metuge Ekwede Simon fv Musinga Ebai Eyong 2670012Ekwede simon fv Samiris S A 2670012983…999Ekwede Smon M Fv Tabe Newton 2670012983Orume Ignatius Fv Simon Ekwede 9999999999...Ekwede Simon Fv Anette Mbango 2670012983Ekwede Smon Fv mbo Huguette 2670012983Ekwede Simon Fv Tabe Newton 2670012983…...Ekwede Simon Fv Newton Tabe 2670012983…......
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