Challenging Behavior

Topics: Attention, Human behavior, Knitting Pages: 4 (916 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Challenging Behavior #1

Challenging Behavior Crystal Cannon: Student Taft College TC DCE 1505-40 Susan Vaughan March 11, 2013

Challenging Behavior 2

Abstract In this paper, a challenging behavior is identified. The function and context of this behavior is described in detail and a functional assessment, with hypothesis statement and functional analysis is included. A behavior support plan which describes response and prevention strategies is provided, along with ethical effects and considerations.

Challenging Behavior #3

Challenging Behavior Billy is a nine year old boy, who lives with both loving parents, and three older siblings. He was recently diagnosed with A.D.H.D. Billy loves spending time with his family and especially loves going out with his parents. One day Billy’s parents were going out and he wanted to go with them, so he went upstairs to get ready. Meanwhile, Billy’s parents were leaving. When Billy came downstairs he threw himself on the ground, kicked, and screamed. This behavior was usual for Billy. He was punished for his behavior. Instead of Billy getting his way, he had to stay home with his siblings. Billy would throw fits so bad that his sister would have to hold him until he calmed down. Doctors told Billy’s parents to give him...
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