Challenges with Soft Addictions

Topics: Want, Psychology, Addiction Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Challenges with Soft Addictions

Michael Brown

Strayer University



Soft addictions are habits that waste most of our time, keep us from our true feelings, take away all our energy, and keep us from living the satisfying, meaningful lives we want and need. They can be any activity, mood or way-of-being. Most soft addictions involve necessary behaviors like eating/drinking, sleeping, reading or working. These behaviors usually become addictions when we “over-do” them & use them for more than their intended purpose. The following paragraphs will cover how soft addictions affect our lives.

People’s soft addictions are often caused by boredom, stress and indecisiveness. For one moment, they’re excited over a particular thing or endeavor. The next thing you know, they completely abandon it; either because they lost their interest or because they give up when they encounter a little problem. Soft addictions are comforting to people because they tend to relieve stress and of course boredom. Anything from nail biting to compulsively checking your text messages can be a soft addiction. It becomes a problem when it no longer soothes you, but instead bothers you. The following paragraph will cover how soft addictions can be harmful.

Soft addictions can sometimes strain your relationships. For example: last year, my best friend planned her wedding. Everything was perfect until her fiancé got cold feet. They decided to plan the wedding at a later time. But she was very disappointed and started to stress about the situation. She turned to shopping as her way out. This became her soft addiction. It caused a lot of tension between the couple when the bank statements arrived because she had spent all of their savings. Now not only do they not have their savings, but they can’t plan their wedding like they want to. My friend went into a deep depression, but never stopped spending money. Eventually, this soft addiction of hers put a strain on...
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