Challenges When Writing a Paper

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  • Published : July 10, 2011
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Challenges When Writing a Paper

There can be many challenges to writing a proper essay. Writer’s block, bad sentence structure, and incorrect grammar are the first to come to mind. The first challenge is writer’s block, which can be difficult to deal with when writing a paper. Becoming very angry and frustrated can make the problem worse while writing. The second challenge is bad sentence structure. This can make for poor reading. Fragmented sentences, run-ons, and improper punctuation sets a poor foundation for the reader to understand what has been written. The third challenge is using incorrect grammar while writing an essay. Using incorrect grammar makes for a poor impression, some may take it that it is sloppy work and the person may be unreliable. Using poor grammar can cause what has been written to lose creditability. There are several ways to overcome the challenges of writing and essay. Writer’s block is somewhat challenging, but a writer can hurdle through these obstacles by taking it one step at a time. Taking a break when frustrated can help clear one’s mind and allows the writer a more precise and logical perspective on the topic. Proofreading an essay and using the spell checker before submission can deter any possible mistakes that may occur. Ensuring that the essay has rhythm and flow will also increase the effectiveness of the paper. Incorrect grammar is remedied with the use of helpful tools such as a dictionary and thesaurus. The writer can re-check their work to make sure that the wording is correct and in proper usage. Writing a proper essay may seem difficult at times, but following the correct procedures will never allow the writer to fail.
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