Challenges of E-Banking in India

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  • Published: February 3, 2011
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Topic: The challenges of Legal and technical infrastructure of  e-banking in India.


Electronic banking has been successfully adopted by developed countries and has been fully embraced by all the stakeholders active in the process. But developing countries are still lagging behind to fully embrace the benefits of e-banking. This paper explores Technical and legal factors impacting e-banking adoption in India. The research framework consists of two dimensions; technology and legal; to guide and constrain the scope of study. The findings are based on literature study of models and implementation experience of e-banking in India. The purpose of this study is to offer insights into the current e-banking adoption situation and its implications for e-banking growth in India as an example of a developing country.

Research Question: What are technical and legal challenges for adopting electronic banking system in India?

Keywords: e-banking, internet banking, online banking, security, privacy, trust, India.


Electronic banking, an upcoming trend in today’s commercial world is widely demanded by citizens, companies and various other organizations. The ease of use and availability has been the striving business drivers in this sector; that has led to this new revolution of electronic banking. With the increasingly complex methodology of commerce evolved over the information technology platform, serious concerns are also raised in various aspects.

Security of transaction has been in the limelight as a major concern among the e-bank’s account holders. Due to the open nature of the Internet, confidentiality of data and integrity of the system and data are other emerging concerns among the end-users[1] (Benjamin M. Friedman, 2000). Certain risks particularly governance, legal, operational, and reputational, that was inherent in traditional banking has been exacerbated to a large extend with the advent of e-banking[2] (World...
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