Challenges of Writing a Paper and Strategies

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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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Many challenges may arise when writing a paper and they may be different for each individual. One of the challenges that I face when writing a paper is choosing my own topic. There are a lot of topics out there that can be written about and when an instructor does not specify one for you, it can become a bit overwhelming. Even after you have a general idea of what you want to write about, you may want to narrow down that broad topic and talk about something specific. Another challenge for me is writing a good thesis statement or topic sentence. I believe that the thesis statement is the most influential part of the essay; it will either make the paper or break it. You want the thesis statement to be effective and somehow suck the reader in. Lastly, another challenge of the writing process is finding enough substantial evidence and support to back up your thesis statement. I tend to sometimes have a difficult time eliminating unnecessary facts or statements which can either confuse the reader or turn out to be simply an overload of insignificant information. When writing many of us will face challenges, but the important part is to know your weaknesses as a writer and find good strategies to get over those challenges and ultimately write a great paper. Writing a paper can appear as a challenge to many people, but it’s about finding the right strategies to help you overcome those bumps in the road. One of the challenges that I face is picking my own topic to write about. In order to overcome this challenge, I try to focus on a topic that interests me or one that I can personally relate to. I have found that prewriting techniques such as brainstorming and free-writing have proved to be effective when facing this challenge. Free writing is something I was always encouraged to do in high school in order to let your thoughts flow down on a piece of paper, these thoughts and ideas could later be reviewed to create a topic or inspire other ideas. Brainstorming works in...
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