Challenges of Writing a Paper

Topics: Writing, Orthography, Thought Pages: 1 (463 words) Published: February 27, 2011
One of the biggest challenges that might arise when I’m writing a paper are the errors that I would do in my words by miss spelling them, and the error that I sometimes write one thing, and my mind it thinking another thing. I also make a lot of error in my spelling because I think I wrote the word right and when I read over I see I wrote the words wrong. The second big error I make is that I don’t write a very good topic sentence, it takes me a long time to write a topic sentence or the main topic. I try to write a good main topic, and I take a long time trying to think about a good main topic. I write a couple of main topics, and I pick the one they sound best to me, but when I turn it in to the instructor it’s not a really good main topic. In my main topic I try to give the reader a inside view of what the paper is going to be about , but it doesn’t come out as good as I want it too. Choosing a topic sentence is what gives the paper life it’s what let you know that the paper is going to be good, so if the topic sentence or main topic isn’t that good the rest of the paper is going to be the same. My third challenge when writing a paper is making the last sentence flow with the next one.

The strategies I have is that first I have to identify the error I made, and I correct it by taking my time reading over the paper more than once, and I have to take my time with the paper, so I have to start writing it like a week before its due date so I won’t be rushing at the last min to write it. And so I can be able to take my time and go over the paper, if I wait for the last min I won’t be able to go over the paper so I can be able to make the correcting the paper needs. I also take my time in generating my idea, and I plan out with I would like to put in the paper, and how I want to put it, I try to make a outline on how I want the things to go in the paper. I first write everything as a draft so I can be able to make all the correcting I need. And after that I...
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