Challenges of Teaching Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

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  • Published: October 6, 2012
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Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD, P. 1

Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD
By Paula Hill
Grand Canyon University SPE 558
Characteristics of Emotional Disabilities and Strategies to Teach Individuals with EBD Karen Moeller, Instructor
May 9, 2012

Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD, P. 2
Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD
There are many challenges presented to the education system in teaching students with EBD. Many of these challenges are related to the interpretation of the definition of EBD itself. This paper will address the many challenges of teaching students with EBD including a discussion of the definitions presented to the Federal government for adoption. EBD Definitions

The definition of EBD according to IDEA 2004 states that emotional disturbance includes at least one of certain characteristics over a period of time to the extent that it adversely affects educational ability. These characteristics are as follows: * The inability to learn that is not due to intellectual, sensory and physical factors. * The inability to establish and maintain positive interpersonal relationships with peers and teachers. * Abnormal or unrelated kinds of behavior or feelings in normal circumstances that do not warrant such behavior. * The presence of a general mood of unhappiness or depression. * The tendency to develop physical symptoms or fears from personal or school problems. IDEA regulations, 34C.F.R. 300.7(c)(4)) An exception to the IDEA definition does not include children who are socially maladjusted only. If there is evidence of emotional disturbance in children that are socially Challenges of Teaching Students with EBD, P. 3

maladjusted, they are included with those with EBD.
There were other education associations that disagreed with the IDEA definition of EBD. They are as follows along with their reasoning for the objections: The Mental Health...
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