Challenges of Receiving Procedures

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Receiving procedures are very important to be followed in warehousing operations. The researcher intended to find out how effective the receiving procedures are followed as well as the challenges faced in the receiving process as part of warehousing operations. Good receiving procedures prevent acceptance of shipment that are off spec, incorrect or improperly packaged and reduced unnecessary waste generation, returns and spills. Hence receiving procedures helps the organization to achieve its goals as well as its objectives that facilitated purchasing of materials. (Jobert, 2002) Therefore, the introduction included the background of the study, purpose of the study, statement of the problem, objective of the problem under study, investigative questions, significance of the study, limitations of the study, and the scope of the study. 1.2 BACKGROUND OF THE PROBLEM

The problem under study has been uncounted since there was a receiving process to be undertaken from the purchasing department that creates purchase order (PO) with a vendor. Therefore, the vendor notifies both the distribution centre-receiving clerk and purchasing department when they are ready to deliver an order. The distribution center-receiving clerk starts the appointment procedures. The receiving supervisor was responsible for ensuring that all merchandise were unloaded and received using correct procedures and delivered to the appropriate location within the store. The receiving manual that was published by Florida Agricultural and mechanical university receiving department in June 1997 that talked on the receiving procedures which has been implemented by receiving department to assist university personnel in the receipt of commodities that are acquired through purchase orders. The receiving department is a very important unit and the manual considered the design of receiving procedures to assist receiving staff and show all process followed in receiving and its importance to the goal of the organization. These receiving steps are important and useful to be followed so as to realize if there is any damage or received merchandise that is not of the purchase requirement and document agreement. Therefore, the research intended to find out the challenges of receiving procedures on achieving the goals of North Mara Gold Mine. 1.3 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

Under the purpose of the study, the researcher intended to find out on the challenges of receiving procedures on achieving the goal of North Mara Gold Mine in Nyamongo, Tarime. This assisted the organization to prevent acceptance of shipments, which are off-spec, incorrect or improperly packaged and reduce unnecessary waste generation, returns and spills. Therefore, from this problem under study, the researcher was able to advice the management on the measures, which must be taken to eradicate the problem under study, formulate appropriate policies and procedures for receiving process to be well valuated, successfulness and usefulness to the organization. Therefore, from the knowledge brought about by the researcher from this problem under study, there was generalization on how the receiving procedures face challenges on achieving the goal of other organization in relation to the problem under study that is to be researched. 1.4 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The challenge of receiving procedures on achieving the goal of North Mara Gold Mine was the problem that examined under this study. The success of the warehouse and inventory depends entirely on the accuracy of receiving. There were however certain elements that raised from time to time that need special attention. These situations need to be dealt with in a specific manner to ensure they can be sorted and tracked. Good record keeping is essential. (North Mara Warehouse document, 2007) Receiving procedures follows steps so as to prevent various damage and unexpected...
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