Challenges of Marketting Tourism Services

Topics: Tourism, Economics, Crisis Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: April 23, 2013

Marketing of services means the marketing of different intangible service needs of customers. This is nothing but the sale of some services. Marketing of Tourism Services include mainly the services sold to domestic and foreign tourists. The domestic tourism is an important segment of the overall tourist scenario although no reliable data are available in this regad. It is relatively easy to keep record of foreign tourists as they are registered at entry points like international airports which is not possible in case of domestic tourists.

Under the impact of the world financial crisis, important changes in the economies of all countries have been created. The impact of these changes is evident in banking sector, in decreased capital inflow, decrease of demand for products and services. Slowing down of economic activity is a direct negative consequence of the financial crisis.

The financial and economic crises influence the business activity of all the participants in the tourism market, and impose the need for proper strategic response. Whether the holders of tourist demand will transform dangers into opportunity for success or will the threat endanger thier strategic position, depends on the manner of response. Through continuous development and efficient utilization of resources and capabilities, it is possible to depriciate threats and respond to challenges from the environment. Experience on the ways of the response of enterprises and organizations under the crisis conditions in the past periods is the strating but not sufficient foundation for risk reduction.
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