Challenges of Enron

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  • Published : August 6, 2011
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Challenges of the Enron Organization
LDR 531
October 21, 2010
Doreen Gournaris

To be effective as a team, team members need to communicate with each other. Enron lacked good leadership within their organization and the leaders in executive levels allowed accounting fraud and decentralized corporate departments. Enron’s team was faced with communications, collaboration and conflict management and top leadership had issues dealing with this situation. This paper will (1) describe how to develop a training program to increase the effectiveness of Enron’s groups and teams, (2) how the training program would work for Enron and how it could have helped Enron from failing, (3) the unique challenges it would address to Enron, and (4) how this particular training program would not have helped Enron and the reasons. A training program to increase the effectiveness of Enron

If a training program is to be effective the program needs proper communication collaboration and conflict management from its leaders. Training plans are necessary in business and education to solve complex problems. Enron was notorious for taking the easy way out and ignoring the finer points of running a business. Training plans are necessary in business and education to solve complex problems. John Hewitt states: When a project requires expertise that the team involved does not currently possess a training plan details actionable steps to correct that deficiency. In agile, growing businesses, all employees incorporate regular training into their schedules to sharpen their own skills and empower the company as a whole (para. 1). Enron’s leadership needed to adapt a proper ethics training program not only for the workforce but also for upper management. Ethics are very important for a business as it helps to determine how the company is perceived by others. . Benefits of a proper training program for Enron

Ethics training could have prevented the Enron scandal from...
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