Challenges of Being an Advocate and Neutral Facilitator

Topics: Pro-choice, Abortion, Pregnancy Pages: 1 (468 words) Published: May 2, 2008
Advocacy represents strategies, actions taken and solutions proposed to influence decision-making to create positive change for people and their environment. Advocacy is speaking up for, or acting on behalf of, yourself or another person. The other person is often receiving a service from a statutory or voluntary organization. An advocate is a person who argues for a cause; a supporter or defender who pleads in another's behalf. A mediator is an impartial third party who facilitates communication between or among two or more parties in dispute. The mediator does not take sides or make decisions for the parties. The mediator helps to create a safe environment where the parties can discuss issues in an open and respectful manner. The mediator helps the parties to explore and understand the issues in dispute, develop alternatives, make informed decisions and work toward reaching a practical and mutually satisfying outcome. I think that it would be a hard job being both an advocate and a mediator, only because it would be confusing. One day you are the mediator between the two parties and the next you are taking one’s side over the other. With Planned Parenthood I don’t know what side I would take if I were to work there. You have this girl that has no means to take care of the child or just doesn’t want it. On one hand I understand because I wouldn’t want to have anyone experience what it’s like being a single parent, because it is a hard job. On the other hand you have a person that works there that does not believe in having an abortion. How do you advocate for the girl if you don’t agree with her decision she is making. It’s a hard thing to do. For the person that is pro choice would be better off being an advocate because they would be able to speak up for the girl that is having the abortion. I find it hard to put your beliefs aside if you don’t believe in abortions and you want to advocate for the girl. Effective advocacy to me is to be accountable to the...
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