Challenges in Mltc

Topics: Nursing home, Medicare and Medicaid, Health economics Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: December 13, 2012
The system of long-term care is a large and complex service that has evolved over a relatively short period of time. The growth of alternatives to institutional care, including home and community care, in part came from the demonstration projects such as the National Long Term Care Demonstration, sponsored by the federal government. As the system of long-term care continues to grow and change, new challenges arise. Challenges include more people needing care, meeting financial demands and providing adequate staffing to meet the needs of the elder population. More people needing care

The largest increase in the elder population is due to the amount of persons born in the two decades after the World War 11, known as “Baby-Boomers”. This represents the largest aging population around the world, and has forged society to meet its needs because of their presence. The population boom along with improved health leading to longer life, presents unique challenge to change the culture in long-term care. According to Ragsdale, and McDougall, (2008), “Culture change in long-term care is about going beyond the regulatory requirements and meeting all of the residents’ needs, not only physical needs. A structured environment where regulators determine how the residents’ needs are met gives little room for creativity about how the staff will provide resident care. Culture change innovatively examines how human needs can be met while still following the regulatory requirements” (p. 993).

Meeting financial demands
The health care system is challenged with meeting the growing demands of the elder population. It is a known fact that as people get older their health care needs increase disproportionately. Medicare has been the traditional health insurance for the elderly; however, it was enacted in a climate of health care and intensive care hospitalization, but was not designed to pay for long-term care and custodial services. Chronic...
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