Challenges Facing Today's Organizations

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  • Published: June 14, 2012
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Challenges Facing Today’s Organizations

Tamara Alexandre
Organizational Theory and Design
Mr. Harry Downes

An organization is defined as a social unit of people, systematically structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals on a continuing basis. The word organization derives from the Greek work organon which is a derivative of the word ergon which translates to mean organ which is a compartment for a specific job.  There are a number of different types of organizations within the social structure of this great country that we live in that allows our society to function and fulfill their civic and public duties. Some examples of these types of organizations include charities, nonprofit corporations, governments, corporations, universities, non government organizations, international organizations, armed forces and any other types of similar organizations that cover both the public and private sector. There are also types of organizations that are known as hybrid organizations which are a combination of two of the above such as a combination of a corporate organization and the government. All organizations have a management structure that determines the function and positions of the people they manage. They delegate roles, responsibilities and authority to carry out specific tasks. Organizations are open systems that are affected by the environment in which they are in. In the book Images of Organization the author Gareth Morgan uses different metaphors about how organizations can develop new theories and reshape the way they are managing their organizations so that they are keeping up with the ever changing world. With every organization come challenges some are bigger than others and depending on how you deal with the challenges that you are faced with it can either make or break your organization. This paper will discuss the three biggest challenges facing organizations today and offer some tips and solutions in order to build growth and resolve these challenges.

According Cheryl Cran who is a leadership expert and consults clients in a number of organizations the number one challenge that approximately 80% of her clients are facing is attracting and keeping good people to work for their organizations. According to a 2010 survey conducted by the US Conference board the average employee today in the post-recession era states that they are looking for employment elsewhere. This can have a significant impact on an organization. How many organizations out there today can honestly say that they have employees that are happy working for them and are willing to stay with them for a long period of time? Companies need to find ways to attract great employees and keep them happy. Money is no longer the top reason attraction to keep an employee at a job. You have to offer some other type of rewards that are not only worth it to your company but also affordable. People want to feel like they are important and that their jobs are important. This is one of the most important factors a company must consider when deciding how to attract and retain employees. It has to be something about the organization that is perceived not only by the employee but also by their friends’ and family that is considered to be admirable. One thing could be an organization’s reputation. The reputation of an organization can be extremely valuable. In the late 80’s Ben and Jerry’s was a fairly small manufacturer of ice cream with a net of $30 million in sales. Because of their unique management style they got a lot of press to the point where people were coming in rapid numbers to apply for positions at their Vermont plant. They had a 3 year waiting list of people hoping to get a job in their organization. Other things that can be used to attract and retain employees to an organization are benefits and perks such as child-care, annual trips, company shirts, make the workplace conditions and location...
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