Challenges Facing Music Industry and How to Develop It

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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Khaled Mohamed Abd el latif
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22 September 2012
Challenges Facing Music Industry and How to Develop It

Music is one of the most beloved human experiences. Everyone enjoys a different type of music and that is evident in different events from graduation ceremonies to weddings and presidential inaugurations. Also, we use music in our films, plays because we can always deliver the message using music. It is the power of music that everyone gets influenced by and nothing could stop this power because it facilitates communication which goes beyond words and enables meanings to be shared. Nowadays, we have several types of music such as blues, jazz, hip-hop, new age metal, house, country and rock & roll. Also there are other types of music that produced due to modifications of several genres which makes the list unlimited. All these types are produced throughout the music industry. It consists of composers, singers and the companies and professional who produce and promote the music like music stores, music venues, road crew, producers, and business managers, studios, engineering performance and rights organizations. Nowadays, this industry is facing a lot of challenges that should be faced to develop the music industry. The music industry as a whole is facing a massive challenge. The industry is changing quickly and the market also is changing quickly. These challenges are related to the new technology that has been introduced into the music industry. The main problem that is facing the music industry is the internet. There are a numerous numbers of websites providing information about how to steal contemporary music regardless of the copy rights of the creators. In the article " The Music Industry: Facing New Challenges", which is a research project done by a company working in the field of music. In the research they stated that the internet allows the users to download any kind of music they...
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