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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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When I was 12 years old, I started my second language training in English at a cram school. I was the oldest one in the class which was very embarrassing. At the beginning, it seemed easy. As I progressed to a higher level things became harder and more confusing. My English teacher at junior high school was awesome and was the one who made me start to love the language. Because of her communication skills, excellent teaching ability and passion it made me desperately want to get more involved in learning English. It became my favorite subject. For me, grammar, communicating with people and writing essays are my challenges in learning English. With the most challenging part about developing my English skills was learning the grammar.

In English, one word can have several meanings and/or different pronunciations which make it more difficult to understand and learn. For example, the word “record” has several meanings, including to set in writing or an actual hard copy of music. Everyone has their own unique accent which makes it difficult to understand. For instance, some people with Middle Eastern accents may pronounce certain words differently to their traditional English pronunciation. One major thing that was different from my native language, Mandarin Chinese, is the order of sentences and the way I write them. When I had a conversation with someone I would think in my native language, then translate into English, and then rearrange the words to make it sound correct.

When I was seven years old I started to play tennis. Later I traveled from country to country to play tournaments and I had to speak English in order to communicate with people. If I was playing doubles I would need to communicate with my partner so we were playing correctly. I could not be successful just because of my ability; I had to know English because it is the worst thing in tennis to not be able to communicate. Learning English is very important for me because of this....
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