Challenges and Solutions of Living and Studying in a New Cultural Environment

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Challenges and solutions of living and studying in a new cultural environment HANQI JIANG-CHLOE
People who start studying or living in a new cultural environment for the first time will mostly experience a culture shock. These kinds of challenges can spoil people’s enthusiasm and make them frustrated. In this way, those challenges can cause some effects on their studies and lives. And people may get used to new life more easily with some solutions about cultural shock. First of all, the language barrier can be the biggest problem in both studying and living in different countries. People may have various difficulties on some simple things since they are not used to speak the language. For example, making a phone call, send an e-mail, using public transport, or searching on the Internet can all make people feel frustrated. Another challenge of studying in a new environment is that people in different countries have different mode of thinking. Thus, there is a difference between different countries on the study style. For instance, in Britain, students need independent thoughts and would like to do homework in groups. On the contrary, students tend to be leaded by teachers on considering questions and prefer doing homework by themselves in China. In addition to the difference of study styles, different lifestyle can be a serious problem of living in a new cultural environment. For example, British people like to have sandwiches and other western food as breakfast, but Chinese people prefer porridge and noodles as breakfast. Moreover, British people drive on the left side of the road, but in China people drive on the right side. To conclude, although people may meet many challenges of studying and living in a new cultural environment, there are some solutions to help overcome culture shock. Have a positive attitude and being patient because it will all pass with time; Develop a hobby and make friends with natives of the new country; Make an...
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