Chalks: Plaster and Chalk a Chalk

Topics: Plaster, Gypsum, Calcium carbonate Pages: 11 (2678 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Background of the Study

Chalk can be used in its initial, whitish form either pressed into sticks or used as the white part of gesso. It is form of the Latin term “calx” which means limestone. Chalk is form of the limestone which is distinguished by its relative purity and close, fine grain.

The chemical formula for chalk is CaCo3. Its primary ingredient is an ancient fossilized sea organisms, so chalk deposits often occur in areas which were once underwater, as the mineral from through centuries of Dead Sea creatures, at very high pressure. Chalk is probably one of the well-known examples of a sedimentary rock, thanks to its ubiquitous use. Impurities like quartz, feldspar and silica are often in chalk deposits.

In making Homemade Boardchalk, the ingredient we use is the Plaster of Paris. Plaster of Paris is a quick-setting gypsum plaster consisting of a white powder, calcium sulfate, hemihydrate, which is a component to harden then moistened and is allowed to dry.

Patience, Hardwork and Determination is also needed in making homemade Boardchalk. For researchers, these are the most important ingredients.


The main thrust of this study is to establish a reliable and quality of Homemade Boardchalk. Specifically, the project aims to:

1. Provide a dustless and less expensive chalk.

2. Nurture other people with knowledge about chalk, its history advantages and disadvantages.

3. Let them know the importance of hard work, patience and determination by making homemade board chalk.

Statement of the Problem
This research study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of Plaster of Paris as a Homemade Boardchalk. It sought to answers the following questions:

1. How can we influence other people to use “homemade board chalk” than the other commercial chalks?

2. Which is more dustless? The homemade board chalk or the chalk that we buy from stores?

3. Will this study teach other people things beyond in making homemade boardchalk?

Significance of the Study

This Investigatory Project entitled “Homemade Board Chalk” is very important in the current situation we are facing. It is because of the destruction of the ecosystem. The factories that produce chalk emit smoke and dust that causes our air to be polluted.

Teachers will benefit in this study because they are one of the persons who uses chalk in teaching. With our product the Homemade Board Chalk which is made from Plaster of Paris is somehow dustless. Allergies from chalk dust will be lessen. The respiratory system of persons inhaling dust will not be damaged easily because the dust from homemade board chalk is less than the usual chalk.

Students will also benefit from this study. Buying chalks from stores will cost a lot of money, but if they will make a homemade board chalk, they will produce only chalk but they will also learn a lot if values. Students will be more resourceful and patient.

The researchers will benefit most in this study. They will learn how to be thrifty, creative and determined in doing things.

Scope and Limitations

Our topic “Homemade Boardchalk”, focuses on making cheaper chalks for schools here in Batangas City. Our topic also aids to provide harmless Boardchalk in an easy way. It covers the history, advantages and disadvantages of board chalks and its purposes

Our topic does not cover in curing allergies caused by Boardchalk. It does not cover the cities and places outside the city of Batangas. It only covers Plaster of Paris as our main ingredient.

Definition of Terms

1. Chalk – is a soft, white porous sedimentary rock, a form of limestone composed of the mineral calcite

2. Plaster of Paris – is a building material used for coating walls and ceilings

3. Homemade – made or prepared at home, locally or by the maker’s own

4. Molder – to turn to dust by natural decay

5. Limestone – a sedimentary rock consisting predominantly of...
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