Chain of Command

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Chain of Command
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November 30, 2013
Sharon Dollar
Carolyn M Riley

The chain of command in a Police Department consists of many different titles. The titles within a department are needed to make up a department and agencies. From the top of the command to the bottom all are needed to make up of a functional organization. First and most important is the Chief-Superintendent this set off the chain of command. The Chief represent the police department He/she also implements, goals, objectives, polices for the department. He/she will have to attend meetings, conferences and other public functions. He/ she also act as a media spokesperson for the police department. The Chief also designs and implements operational, technical and administrative methods crime prevention, and delinquency control. Next in line is the Assistant chief of police He/she are largely administrative a public relations. The Assistant assume the Chief duties when the Chief is out sick on vacation etc. However, sometimes an Assistant Chief will be responsible for many personal relating matters consist of hiring and transferring of police officers this often consist of suspending or termination of police officers. And most department it all depends on the area, The Major which is known has Inspector comes in a save taxpayers money and ensure the public welfare. He/she also pay their part of keeping the public safe. The Captain come in which sometimes performs all the duties to enforce local laws, state laws also federal. When and if an officer is in a hostile environment the Captain would make a decision to call for back up. The Captain also cooperates with other law agencies from other precincts and jurisdictions to investigate an apprehension of a suspect. They also oversee the daily operator of a police force. They also evaluates work of their product of his/ her staff, such has weapons, guns etc. Then next in...
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