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ITM 6015

Multiple Choice

1) Information technology has been described as pervasive in today's world because: A) Internet connectivity leads to increased privacy issues.
B) today's technology tools are increasingly more complex.
C) today's technology tools are becoming harder to use.
D) IT has become commonplace in the workplace and in many homes. Answer: D

2. The widespread use of Microsoft Corporation products is responsible for today's de facto software standards in each of the following areas, except: a.PC operating systems. applications.
c.enterprise systems.
d.Internet browsers.
Answer: C

3. All of the following led to an unprecedented level of IT investments in the 1990s to obtain a more global reach for employees and organizations, except: a.wireless technology.
b. Internet communication standards (TCP/IP).
c.standard browser application software.
d.high-bandwidth fiber-optic lines.
Answer: A

4. By the year 2000, more than _______ of capital expenditures by U.S.-based businesses were for IT purchases. quarter
b. one half
c.three quarters
d.90 percent
Answer: B

5) Which does not describe a current hardware trend?
A) cheaper purchase costs
B) faster computer processing
C) tethered desktops
D) mobile hardware devices
Answer: C

6. The use of IT by a business to provide tailored service to a specific customer is an example of competing on: a.cost.
d.both cost and differentiation.
Answer: B

7. All of the following are characteristic of free agents, except they: a.are knowledge workers.
b.are telecommuters. as independent contractors. not have control over their schedules.
Answer: D

8) Telecommuting is facilitated by all of the following except: A) privacy laws.
B) low costs for personal computing products.
C) Internet connectivity.
D) software to facilitate remote collaboration.
Answer: A

9) The term "app economy" refers to:
A) purchases of downloadable software.
B) App Stores by Apple and other vendors.
C) a software industry trend.
D) all of the above
Answer: D

10) Which does not describe a current software trend?
A) suites of applications with integrated modules
B) bit-size programs for smartphones
C) legacy systems
D) social networking tools
Answer: C

11) Which statement is true about how modern organizations are dependent on IT? A) Some companies rely on IT for only back-office support (e.g., accounting). B) Some companies are dependent on 24x7 IT operations.

C) Not all companies are strategically dependent on new technologies. D) all of the above
Answer: D

12. Ross, Beath, and Goodhue (1996) argue that IT managers need to focus on three types of IT assets, which include all of the following except: a.process assets. assets.
c.relationship assets.
d.human assets.
Answer: A

13. IT leaders who establish partnering for joint IT-business decision making are managing the: a.process asset. asset.
c.relationship asset.
d.human asset.
Answer: C

14. Keeping a company’s IT resources aligned with business goals is the primary responsibility of: a.virtual teams.
b. the project sponsor.
c. the CEO.
d. the CIO.
Answer: D

15. The CISO position is generally responsible for all of the following, except: a.validating the financial feasibility of IT investments.
b. monitoring compliance with federal reporting requirements. c. ensure technology security policies are in place to protect data. d. plan appropriate investments to manage IT security risks. Answer: A

16) A new organizational leadership position that helps plan for and monitor compliance with federal reporting requirements is: A) CEO.
D) none of the above
Answer: B


17. Web site design features are easily copied, making it more difficult for businesses to compete...
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