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  • Published : March 28, 2012
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Cornel Cernat
Ch.4 questions
1. What is meant by broadband communications?
Generally means a telecommunications system that can exchange data very quickly. 2. Describe the elements and steps involved in the telecommunications process. Telecommunication devices relay signals between computer systems and transmission media. 3. What is telecommunication protocol?

Sets of rules and regulations that govern the process of digital information exchange between two distant entities.
5. What is VPN? How do organizations use this technology?
“Virtual private Network” transfer info by encapsulating traffic in IP packs and sending the packets over the internet. Companies that use a VPN from an ISP have outsourced their networks to save money on wide area network equipment and personnel

7. What is the difference between WIFI and WIMAX communications?
WIMax networks broadcast their signals for miles from outdoor towers and Wi-Fi networks, by contrast, are based on small, plug-in routers that provide internet connectivity to people within a single building or small area over a short range.

8. What role do bridge, router, gateway and switch play in a network?
A bridge is a connector between two separate connection ports, which links two network segments together. While a bridge connects two segments together, a switch connects multiple segments together in any computing network. A router is the connecting link between multiple computing networks.

9. Distinguish between PAN, LAN, MAN ,AND WAN
Personal area network- Connects info technology device close to one person
Local area network- connects computer systems and devices within a small area
Metropolitan area network- network that connects users and their computers in a geographical area
Wide area network- network that connect large geographic regions
10. What is TCP/IP? How does it work?
TCP/IP is composed of layers, each layer performs certain operations on the data it receives...
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