Ch. 1 Access Online Review

Topics: SQL, Object-oriented programming, Database Pages: 4 (770 words) Published: November 1, 2011
Access 2010: Chapter 1 – Short Answer
Instructions: Fill in the best answer.

1. A data management system, such as Access, is software that allows you to use a computer to create a database. 2. The rows in the tables are called records.
3. The Long Integer field size is for values in the range of –2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647. 4. In Access, all the tables, reports, forms, and queries that you create are stored in a single file called a(n) Access database. 5. Design view, is only used to create a table or to modify the structure of the table. 6. To see the field size and/or caption for a field, click the field’s row selector, the small box that precedes the field. 7. Portrait orientation means the printout is across the width of the page. 8. Queries are simply questions, the answers to which are in the database. 9. When working with a report in Access, there are four different ways to view the report. They are Report view, Print Preview, Layout view, and Design view. 10. If a problem occurs, you correct the problem by copying this backup copy over the actual database, often referred to as the live database.

Access 2010: Chapter 1 - True/False
Instructions: Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false.

T| F| 1. A record contains a specific piece of information within a field.| T| F| 2. The determination of database requirements is part of a process known as systems development. | T| F| 3. Access 2010 has a number of reserved words, words that have a special meaning to Access. You cannot use these reserved words as field names. | T| F| 4. The most common type of relationship you will encounter between tables is the many-to-one relationship. | T| F| 5. Redundancy means storing the same fact in more than one place. | T| F| 6. The Status bar, located at the bottom of the Access window, presents information about the database object, the progress of current...
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