Cezanne's Fruit and Basket

Topics: Fruit, Painting, Pear Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Mehmet Ziya Dolgun

In my assay I want to compare Hüseyin Zekai Paşa‘s, Still-Life with watermelon and Cézanne’s Vessels, Basket and Fruit paintings in the aspect of subject matter and style. As and subject matter we see that both artist chose still-life with fruits on the desk. However Zekai Paşa used richer table with more different kinds of fruits. When we look at the Cezanne’s work we see only apples and pears. But in Zekai pasha’s work we see watermelon, melon, grapes, pears, apples and other different fruit. However in general both paintings have a subject matter that is still-life with fruits. When we compare those two painting in the aspect of style, we see the main different then. Because as an subject matter, they have same composition however with the influence of the style , two painting with same subject matter could be look very different and in this example we see that. When we examine Zekai Pasha’s work, we see the main characteristics of the style of nature. There are small and invisible brushstrokes in the painting. This makes the object more realistic and detailed. Also we can talk about the modeling. If we look at the pear that is at the bottom second from left we see the light come from top. That’s why we don2t see shadows but painter used modeling. We can say that in Zekai Pasha’s work we see the characteristic of traditional western art. On the other hand in Cezanne’s work we see a very different style. First thing that attract my attention is use of color in the panting. We see almost unrealistic and pastel colors used in the work piece. Because of that we cannot figure out which type of fruits are there. Also brushstrokes are thick and visible. This brushstrokes and use of color moves away the painting from style of nature to more subtract painting. Also we see that there is a distortion between 2d and 3d because of the multiple viewpoints. When we look at the table it...
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