Cet Electrical Worksheet

Topics: Switched-mode power supply, Capacitor, Alternating current Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: September 27, 2012
T or F: ESD is very dangerous to computer technicians.
What does the acronym ESD stand for?
Electrostatic Sensitive Device.
In what conditions is ESD most likely to occur?
It occurs in cold, dry conditions.
With __________ ESD, the damage is permanent and is noticeable right away. Catastrophic.
What are the similarities and differences of latent and upset ESD? Similarities: Even if the device is damaged, it will still pass initial testing. How can a PC technician protect against damage from ESD?f

By wearing an anti- static wrist strap or an anti-static work mats. 7. How can a PC technician protect a PC against damage from EMI? A properly grounded PC prevents the transmission of EMI.

What is RFI and what causes it?
Radio Frequency Interference. Cell phones and microwaves cause it when it falls into the RFI category. How might you prevent EMI from affecting network cables?
Do not run the cabling near fluorescent lights or around cable lines because of their magnetic fields. What is the typical voltage encountered in a CRT monitor?
Voltage is between 20,000 to 50,000 volts.
T or F: A technician should always wear an ESD wrist strap when working on monitors. True.
Power supply __________ hold a charge even when the power has been __________ . contain capacitors that; removed from the power supply itself. A power inverter converts _____ to _____. It is typically used in a __________ to power a laptop or other electronic device. DC to AC; blackout

Laser printers pose 2 dangers to computer users. What are they and what are their dangers? The laser is the first danger. It is very harmful for our eyes. The second danger is the fuser assembly. It get extremely hot and that will cause burns. What is the difference between a surge protector and a power strip? Surge protectors are there to protect against power failures, whilst power strips are there to connect multiple devices to a power...
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