Cesar Chavez and the Ufw

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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I have found it believable that what Cesar Chavez and the UFW's actions were not only for the labor movement for the betterment of civil rights for all laborers not just Mexican Americans. He begins prefacing his commonwealth speech by giving a story about the Bracero farm workers and how they all died on a converted flatbed truck. It seems to be a tactic to touch on the listener's empathy which he then describes the living conditions for many workers. He also goes into the fact that under aged children were qualified workers, which sounds atrocious now that we have so many laws protecting against it. Chavez mentioned that he envisioned a dream where he and probably everyone else would be treated fairly. These few ideas found in his speech already show me that he wasn't just fighting for a labor movement but for the betterment to the way workers were treated as human beings.

Chavez mentions that apart from the Black Americans who were "...beginning to assert their civil rights..." there was little to no recognition for Hispanics. Which is important because like Martin Luther King Jr., he became a influential person fighting to unite and organize many farm workers to raise awareness. In his closing paragraph, he makes a memorable quote in which he says, "The day will come when the politicians will to the right thing for our people out of political necessity and not out of charity or idealism." This quote, in my opinion, highlights what he was fighting for, which was political freedom and equality that the farm workers deserved.

Women played a very large role in the UFW, namely, Delores Huerta. She was very involved with the creation of the UFW itself alongside Chavez. It was important that a women be a part of the movement as it gives other women someone in their sex to look up to and relate to. The article from PBS talked about Chavez and the UFW and how the grape boycott was instrumental in bringing them that much closer to their goals. However, what it...
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