Cesar Chavez

Topics: United Farm Workers, César Chávez, Bracero Program Pages: 4 (1277 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Carol Cortes
Mr. Armstrong
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November 14 , 2015
Cesar Chavez
Cesar Estrada Chavez was a founder of the National Farmer Workers Association, later to become the United Farm Workers-The UFW. The story of Cesar Chavez begins in the year 1927 near Yuma Arizona and ends in 1993 in a small village near Yuma Arizona. Mr. Chavez was named after his grandfather Cesario. Early in his life he learned about justice or rather injustice as his home was swindled from them by dishonest Anglos. Cesar's father agreed to clear eighty acres of land and in exchange he would receive the deed to forty acres of land that adjoined the home. The agreement was broken and the land sold to a man named Justus Jackson. Cesar's dad went to a lawyer who advised him to borrow money and buy the land. Later when Cesar's father could not pay the interest on the loan the lawyer bought back the land and sold it to the original owner.

In 1938 Cesar and his family moved to California for a short period of time and moved back to Arizona, and in June 1939 moved to San Jose California. They lived in the barrio called Sal Si Puedes -"Get Out If You Can." In 1942 he graduated from 8th grade and attended 37 schools. As a child he didn't like school probably because he only spoke Spanish at home. The teachers were mainly Anglos and Spanish was forbidden in schools. In integrated schools he felt like monkey in a cage, and in segregated schools he remembers reading signs that read whites only. After he graduated from 8th grade he became a migrant worker, because his father was in an accident.

In 1946 he joined the U.S Navy, which was then segregated, and served for two years. Once he returned home from the Navy he met and married Helen Fabela in 1948.They settled in Delano, where they eventually had 8 children and 31 grandchildren. Cesar returned to San Jose where he met and was influenced by Father Donald McDonnell. They talked about farm workers and strikes. Cesar began reading about...
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