Cesar Chavez

Topics: Migrant worker, Left-wing politics, Family Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Cesar Chavez during his protesting days Essay Contest
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“The end of all education should surely be serviced to others.”
Cesar Chavez was a man who was dedicated to many things one of them being education. When he was young, his family faced many difficulties. His parents had to move to California from Arizona to become migrant farm workers to support the family. Cesar dropped out of school to replace his mother working in the fields full-time. After working in the fields, he joined and supported many groups such as the workers’ right. There was a time Cesar went on spiritual fasts, following Gandhi’s emphasis of nonviolence. There are many places named after and dedicated to Cesar Chavez.

Throughout Cesar Chavez’s life, he has learned about problems, hard work, and the importance of education. He said: “The end of all education should surely be service to others.” I believe it means to share whatever knowledge we know and put it to use by serving others. Ultimately, education is the key to knowledge and the more the mind grasps the more one attains the ability to help civilians get they deserve; what is right. We appreciate what he did for his family and how he helped others. Even if he didn’t finish school, he continuously educated himself. Life for him wasn’t as easy as it is in the present-time. If he hadn’t helped the migrant farmer society, they would probably still get less money than the amount the workers SHOULD receive. Cesar Chavez founded and led the first successful farm workers’ union in U.S. history. Who wouldn’t be proud?

Whatever knowledge I know, I should pass on to those I care about, even if I don’t know them. Knowledge helps others who don’t know as much, so we are able to think in their place and lead them into the right direction, hoping they won’t stray and make the wrong decisions. Once my uncle was telling me how there was this acquaintance of his who needed some support, and everyone had just left him standing on...
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