Certified Tumor Registrars

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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Certified tumor registrars are individuals who manage records of patients who have been treated for cancer. CTR are responsible for collecting and reviewing data regarding the nature of cancer patients' illnesses and the diagnostic procedures and treatments used to deal with them. These registrars maintain the data of patients who have been diagnosed with malignant tumors as well as benign or even questionable tumor. A CTR assigns codes for diagnosing and treating various cancers, reports the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). He then keeps a patient's record updated by remaining in communication with the patient/patient's family as well as the doctors involved in the patient's care. He must record how patients are progressing in their illnesses and how long cancer patients survive. In addition, he ensures that this information is reported in a complete, accurate and timely manner. RHIT

Professionals holding the RHIT credential are health information technicians who: Ensure the quality of medical records by verifying their completeness, accuracy, and proper entry into computer systems. Use computer applications to assemble and analyze patient data for the purpose of improving patient care or controlling costs. Often specialize in coding diagnoses and procedures in patient records for reimbursement and research. An additional role for RHITs is cancer registrars - compiling and maintaining data on cancer patients. Cancer Registrar Certification As a cancer registrar, you won’t need state licensing. Voluntary certification, though, can be a boost to your career. Cancer registrars are certified through the National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA) Council on Certification. There are two paths to eligibility: through work experience or through formal education. It’s easier, of course, to get the requisite job experience if you have a degree in a closely related field like health information management. Traditionally, a number of...
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