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Major AOC Wine Producing Regions

Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy, Rhone Valley, Provence, Languedoc, Bordeaux, Loire Valley

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Major Topographical Features: Massif Central ( Central highlands of the country), Alsp in SE, Loire, Garonne, Dordogne , Rhone and Rhine Rivers and Vosges Mountains – NE France – Shields vineyards of Alsace , Champagne and Chablis

Mediterranean climate : Rousillion, Languedoc, Provence and Rhone Regions

Red Grapes dominant: Full Bodied, Moderate acidity

Maritime Climate: Western part of France, Loire Valley

White Grapes dominate: high acidic, low to medium body, low in alcohol

White Grape Varieties

1) UGNI BLANC ( Trebbiano), Chardonnay, Sauv Blanc, Melon de Bourgogne ( Muscadet), Muscat ( Vin Doux Naturales), Chenin Blanc

Red Grape Varieties:

1) MERLOT ( Bordeaux and Languedoc), Grenach, Syrah ( N. RHONE), Carignan, CAB ( Bordeaux), Cab Frank ( tolerates cool weather – Loire), Gamay, Pinot Noir ( Burgundy), Cinsaut ( blending grape of South), Pinot Meunier ( other Red grape of Champagne), Mourvere ( Languedoc & Provence)

Vin de Table, Vin de Pays, VDQS, AOC (300, ½ of French Wine)

Bordeaux Highlights ( SW FRANCE)

Known for Long Lived, High Quality Reds & Sweet White Dessert Wines

Varieties: Melot, Cab, Cab Frank, Malbec & Petit Verdot,

Garonne and Dordogne Rivers form the GIRONDE, flows into Atlantic

River divided region in 3 Sections

1) Left Bank – West

a. Upper End Left Bank Reds : Cab Territory, Medoc Region – World’s Finest

b. Sweet White Wines comes from Sauternes on Left Bank, Botrytis Condition/ Noble Rot

2) Right Bank – East

a. Upper End Right Bank Reds : Top Quality, Long Lived Reds

i. Pomeral & St. Emilion AOC’s

3) Entre – Deux – Mers

a. Dry White Wine Area – Graves,

Area of Left Bank North is called MEDOC, south and west of the city is called GRAVES – Most White Varietals are found here… Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, Muscadelle

Bordeaux AOC vs Bordeaux Superior - Can be used for Red and Sweet White, tighter restrictions, older vines ,lower yields, several months of aging, higher minimum ripeness at harvest, half degree higher alcohol

MEDOC: Four of the most esteemed villages – St. Estephe, Pauillac, St. Jullien, Margaux

GRAVES: Sauternes – Sweet Wines,

Pesac – Leoganan – split off from Graves to establish its own identity – most highly regarded Ch. Of District

Bordeaux Classifications

Top Level – Premier CRU comprised of 4 Chateaus : Haut Brion (Graves ), Lafite – Rothschild, Latour & Margaux , WHITES – FIRST SUPERIOR GROWTH = Chateau d’ Yquem

St. Emilion Grand Cru: only classification system on Right Bank: Grang Cru Class and Premier Grand Cru Classe: Ch. Ausone and Ch Cheval Blanc – Category A RANKING


Loire River = Longest River in France, Flows NORTH

Known for Crisp White Wines, Light Red Wines and some Fine Sweet & Sparkling

Valley Divides into Three Winegrowing regions, West to East…

Pays Nantais ( Nantes County)

- Chilly maritime Climate, Melon de Bourgogne ( muscadet), 4 MUSCADET AOC’s

Central Loire ( Anjou and Touraine)

- Humidity remains high from sea, Botrytis Development, Chenin Blanc & Sauvignon Blanc, Cab Frank for Reds and Roses, Malbec / Cot, Grolleau and Gamay

- FINES BULLES ( Fine BUBBLES) : Specialty here, made in Traditional Champagne Method but uses Chenin Blanc and either Cabs as Main Ingredients

- Anjou AOC ( primarily Cab Frank), Raose d’ Anjou ( Rose/Mainly Grolleau ) Cabernet D’Anjou ( 2 Cabs ony), Rose de Loire ( Dry Rose) Sweet dessert wines are the specialty , botrytis favors conditions – Coteaux de Layon AOC : Subregions are Bonnezeaux and Quarts-de- Chaume (100 % Chenin Blanc), Premier Dry White Appelation =...
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