Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

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L3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

Assignment 3

Understanding the legal and good practice requirements in relation to assessments

It is imperative for all assessors to have an in depth understanding of the legal and good practice requirements in relation to assessment. Furthermore, the Awarding Body have their own stipulations regarding assessment. These include; educational centres must ensure that they employ assessors that are suitably qualified and meet the occupational competency requirements of the sector assessment strategy and ensure that the assessment process is robust. Assessment carried out by an unqualified assessor must be countersigned by a qualified assessor who is occupationally competent. The assessment process should be informed by best practice and the latest NOS for Learning & Development. Centre assessors are responsible and accountable for:

a)  managing the assessment system, assessment planning, making and recording assessment decisions

b)  assessing evidence of learner competence against NOS and the requirements of the assessment criteria in the qualification

c)  ensuring that learners’ evidence is valid, authentic and sufficient

d)  maintaining accurate and verifiable learner assessment and achievement records.

The assessment process should support learners towards the achievement of their qualification aim, whilst ensuring that the requirements of the NOS for assessment and the sector are met. Part of the role of the assessor is to raise the quality of assessment through:

a) engaging learners at an early stage in the assessment process

b)  effective and efficient assessment of naturally occurring activity

c)  holistic assessment to maximise assessment opportunities

d)  using interim assessment to provide advice and support at an early opportunity

e)  encouraging access through using the range of assessment methods

f)  using technology to reduce the assessment and administrative burden

Assessors should always be aware that assessment needs to be fair, consistent and transparent, with all students having the opportunity of attaining the assessment criteria. All learners should be treated as individuals to ensure that no learner is discriminated (directly or indirectly) against and to uphold a ‘fair playing field’ in respect that no learner has any advantage over another. In order to ensure this happens the assessor has a legal and moral obligation to share the same information to all learners, along with appropriate support and development of all learners in order for them to complete assessment tasks. Therefore, one additional aspect of assessment is an appeals procedure for candidates not happy with results. Assessment within NVQ is ongoing with the candidate fully participating in the assessment process, e.g. through assessment planning and reviews of performance. If this participation is taken seriously then it must be accepted that there will be times when the candidates and assessors perceptions, of whether agreed evidence (agreed during assessment planning/review stages) meets the standards, are going to be different.

If this occurs, the candidate should have the right to appeal via an accessible and open system. The characteristics of our appeals structure related to NVQ will include:

 Access to fair and reliable assessment

 Clear and prompt response times

 Stages that provide all parties with the opportunity to put their

 Clear outcomes

 Constructive feedback

 Be related to the Candidates assessment records

 A formal recording system

 Evaluation of appeals

Response times to appeals will be measured in days rather than in months or years and not be so bureaucratic as effectively to nullify the purpose of having such a system.

From a legal standpoint it is an Assessors remit to enforce strict guidelines with regards to the difference between guiding and supplying the learners...
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