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Personal Weight and Fitness

(VO) In a unique "20/20" experiment, two families have volunteered to change their diets and their exercise regimes to try and lose weight forever. They're working with Olympians Paul and Morgan Hamm and their trainer, Miles Avery, who's designed personal exercise regimes for both families. They'll be doing intensive, hour-long workouts, three times every week. Like 50 percent of Americans, our families haven't been doing enough exercise to gain any lasting benefits. That's all about to change. MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS)

(VO) Miles' motto, constant movement.
30 seconds, work hard. Constant movement.
(VO) Miles puts our families on circuits of running, weights, and cardio workouts. As their stamina increases, the rotations will grow longer and the weights heavier. COACH MILES AVERY (OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY)

10 seconds. Come on, push.
It sucks. Exercise sucks.
(VO) But exercise alone won't take our families where they need to go. Meet Olympic dietician Sarah Wick. Her job, an extreme diet makeover. SARAH WICK (DIETICIAN)
This program is definitely not about deprivation. I want this program -I want these families to feel like they are eating and something that they can do for the rest of their lives. MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS)

(VO) So it's good-bye to the old snacks, the chips and the ice cream, a particular Lechner family favorite. TRISH LECHNER (MOTHER)
There's two more right there. And the Ben & Jerry's.
Ice cream is your life and now it's not. It's gone.
(VO) And hello to a new, healthier diet. Sarah's philosophy is little and often. Smaller, home-cooked meal, healthier snacks like apples or carrots, and individual portions instead of open packets of chips and candy. SARAH WICK (DIETICIAN)

Now if this was a big bag of M&Ms, I'm be throwing them away. But individual portion sizes, it's okay to have every once in a while. MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS)
(VO) Moderation is everything.
It's not about the fad diets. It's not about restricting here. You can't have any meat, you can't have any carbohydrates. It's about a balance. It's about having enough carbohydrates, having enough protein, and having some fat in your diet. You need all of it. MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS)

(VO) It's week two of our obesity Olympic challenge. And Olympic gold medallist Paul Hamm has a new test for the Lechners. He's taking them rock climbing. PAUL HAMM (OLYMPIC GYMNAST)
Walk right on down.
(VO) For the boys, it's more about fun than fitness. But for Trish Lechner, this could be one challenge too far. Phil has to be given a special harness because of his size. But once the climbing begins, it's Trish who struggles. TRISH LECHNER (MOTHER)

You can do this. You can do this. Oh, Hell no. Oh, (censored). MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS)
(VO) Halfway up, she starts to panic.
Oh, Jesus. Oh, my God. I can't get up. Oh, my God. I'm falling. I'm falling, guys. MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS)
(VO) Paul Hamm tries to encourage her.
But I don't have the strength to do this. I can't do this, guys. Okay. MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS)
(VO) Eventually, she can go no further.
Oh, dear God. If I never have to do that again that's just fine. It's one of those things, I said, I'll never do this again. MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS)
(VO) And then Paul Hamm shows them just what training and determination can do. MARTIN BASHIR (ABC NEWS)
(VO) Meanwhile, Paul's brother, Olympic silver medallist Morgan Hamm, has a challenge for his team, the Rankins. It's a spin class. MORGAN HAMM (OLYMPIC GYMNAST)
Being an Olympian and being a gymnast, this is not my idea of a fun exercise. But...
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