Certainty and Doubt

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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Certainty is a pleasurable feeling to have. We often times take these feelings for granted and do not realize that nothing in the world is a hundred percent certain. Many are convinced that certainty allows one to achieve dreams and desires; but this is untrue. Many do not realize that just because something has not been proven wrong, does not mean it is necessarily true. The intelligence to have a certain amount of doubt regarding everything is truly a blessing to have. Doubt allows us to make discoveries and motivates us to achieve greatness, while certainty can on courage complacency. However, with both, a person can uncover an excess amount of greatness within oneself. Through doubting of the accepted logic of society, many have risen to greatness by discovery in the past. Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Christopher Columbus are all pioneers that led the world to new discoveries on different frontiers. From the creation of the light bulb and the telephone, to the discovery of the new world, these well-known men of action had begun their journey based on their individual doubts. Due to their doubts, these men were able to make such breakthroughs that they changed the whole world. Without the doubt of the general knowledge of the time, these men would have amounted to something less than what they are given credit for today. Although, having too much doubt can lead to distrust, a person who completely lacks in doubt is considered extremely gullible. In order to avoid gullibility, you must have an amount of doubt on specific subject. Within high school, there are many lies and rumors spread throughout the student body. To avoid gullibility in this particular environment, one must start by searching for the truth. Having doubts on the rumors that are spread throughout the student body can reveal what is the truth. On the other hand, acquiring an excessive amount of doubt can lead to distrust and misunderstandings amongst one’s peers. Doubt...
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