Cert Ed Year 1 Assessment Methods

Topics: Assessment, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Assessment is the name given to the process of checking that learning has taken place. It is also a way of teachers knowing that their sessions with a learner have been effective. Assessment is the process by which evidence of a student’s achievement is obtained or judged, therefore in order to assess someone a standard must be set at various levels. This may be a criteria or syllabus from an awarding body or simply fulfilling the goals of a learners individual need for a short non-accredited course. It aims to sum the learners’ achievements and serves many different purposes, assessment can grade the attainment of learners, help to select learners for courses or jobs and provide an achievable goal for learners to work towards their desired outcome. The criteria for assessment should be relevant to the qualification, it should be set out to make reliable assessment decisions which are linked clearly towards the aims and objectives of the course. Assessment should be authentic, current, sufficient and objective and can be carried out at many stages of the learning process. The results of assessment should be passed to the learner with constructive and instantaneous feedback, giving them instant decisions on how they are progressing through the course and a developmental plan. A learner could undergo ‘Initial or diagnostic assessment’ before starting a course, where they could present accredited prior learning or demonstrate trade skills which already meet the set criteria and be fast-tracked through certain parts of the qualification. When the learner starts a course Formative assessment takes place, which can also be known as ‘continuous assessment’ as it is a way of observing if learning is constantly taking place. It enables teachers to discuss/inform the learner about how they are progressing in a real time setting. It also enables the teacher to change, reinforce or set further goals and targets which help the learner ‘stay-on-track’ to achieving their final...
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