Cert Ed Assessment Assignment

Topics: Education, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: April 28, 2012
Certificate in Education
Throughout the module TS1301 a trainee teacher experiences a wide range of emotions that change their outlook on the way they teach. These emotions range from the sublime to almost rock bottom, and as with everything in life it is individual and at that moment be it at the top or bottom no one has experienced this feeling before. Throughout the module you are required to observe teachers in their lessons, this gives the trainee teacher a valuable insight into how things should be done, a lesson learnt during an observation was to have a concurrent activity in place for those learners who are easily bored and work quickly. Other aspects of the module include written assignments on various subjects, one of those subjects is the roles and responsibilities of the teacher, in this assignment the trainee teacher researches the vast amount of roles to be undertaken by the trainee teacher and quickly becomes an eye opener into the world of education, the sheer quantity of roles can be overwhelming to some trainees and this is closely followed by the responsibilities that go with these roles. ‘’ Traditionally the role of the teacher has been as purveyor of information’’ (Reece and walker 2003 p3) this is simply no longer the case and the trainee teacher needs to understand the needs of each individual learner, and cater for the group as individuals not as a class. By undertaking this module the trainee teacher should take some of the knowledge and adapt their lessons accordingly, always keeping the emphasis on the learners getting as much out of the session as possible. Unfortunately with emotions running so high it’s inevitable that a clash of personalities will occur at some point, when a student fails an assessment they may become angry and that anger will undoubtedly end up at the trainee teacher’s door, at this point they may even be doubting themselves but it is important that as a trainee teacher they remain calm and objective, but above...
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