Cert 3 Childcare Services- Module 1 Organisational Requirements

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  • Published : June 11, 2012
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Module 1 Organisational Requirements- Questions
1. Identify and discuss the key requirements of the service/centre policies and legislations that relate to the performance of your work role and where/how to access same. The key requirements of “Wakefield Early Learning Centre” policies are to provide a safe and healthy environment for our children, and to support them through their learning processes. As “Wakefield” is an early learning centre as well as a day care, helping them to learn basic early life lessons is needed. In order to meet these key requirements there are certain things staff should know or be in the process of learning. A few of my personal requirements include: * Creating an environment where children are protected from harm, injury, illness or abuse. * Being aware of proper OH&S procedures.

* Knowing all facts about the children’s diets and personal needs. This relates to giving feedback to parents/guardians as well as providing specific care for the child. * Being capable of identifying if a child looks unwell and the proper steps of taking care of the child till the parent/guardian arrives. * Knowing that all children are to be treated equally with a level of mutual respect. The policies and procedures are located in a folder in the office at “Wakefield”. There are also policies written and placed on the walls of the centre, in areas where staff are able to read them whilst concentrating on the children. 2. What does “duty of care” mean? Give an example of how you fulfil your duty of care responsibilities. “Duty of care” means being aware of the tasks and responsibilities you have as a child care worker. Being able to identify common risks to children’s health and safety and being able to control those risks. All carers have a “duty of care” to provide a safe environment for children in their care, and in doing so follow the guidelines of the centres policies and procedures. I fulfil my duty of care responsibilities by providing a safe and healthy environment for the children in my care. Paying close attention to the children, and making sure they are as safe as possible is my duty of care. 3. Provide a summary of your understanding of the National Quality Framework for the Early Childhood Education and Care.

4. Outline the steps you would take if you suspected a child in your service was being abused. Where/who would you seek guidance from in this instance.

The first step would be to make sure you have good reason to report your suspicions. Making sure you know all there is to know about the child and their daily routine is important. If you are reporting a change in the child’s behaviour, make sure you specify what it is and why it makes you suspicious. If you are reporting some new found bruises, scratches or bumps that make you suspicious, make sure you know exactly where they are and when you noticed them.

You must then voice your concerns to the Centre Director. After you have voiced your concerns both you and your Director may or may not take further action. It is an employee’s duty to report any suspicions of abuse.

5. How does you service/centre protect the confidentiality of the children and their families it cares for? All information and documentation relating to the business activities are stored securely. All employees are required to abide by the Confidentiality policy at all times.

It is policy of the centre to remain confidential at all times regarding the children, staff, and their families, parents, students and volunteers. If there is a problem or concern of any nature, it is to be reported to Centre Director immediately.

The Centre director has an open door policy with staff. Staff can go to the Centre Director at any time of the day.

Employees may use confidential information only for the purpose of performing their required duties. The staff may only disclose confidential information to persons who are already aware of the information,...
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