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five great pottery

decorating techniques

a how-to guide for decorating ceramic surfaces

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Five Great Pottery Decorating Techniques A How-To Guide for Decorating Ceramics Surfaces

Decorating ceramics is one of the most rewarding aspects of working in clay. It’s the time when you can add color and life to a bare clay surface and show off your creative talents. There are scores of decorating techniques available and here are five successful techniques that are sure to add that extra flair to your work that will make it a masterpiece.

Slip Transfers

by Jason Bige Burnett

Jason Burnett was influenced by the pots he saw in the cartoons of the fifties and sixties. His forms look a little cartoonish and his decorating technique consists of slip transfer, sgrafitto, sponging, and brushing.

Urchin Texture

by Annie Chrietzberg

Marcos Lewis used to live in the Pacific Northwest where he worked as a commercial fisherman. Although he moved inland long ago, he remembers the texture of sea urchins and has captured that texture on his pots. Here he describes the tools and techniques he uses to re-create one of Mother Nature’s most distinctive textures.

Grouting for Effect

by Laura Reutter

Laura Reutter is a tile artist who’s discovered a simple way to get around the tedium of working with a lot of small tiles—she makes grout lines in her large tiles. This unusual surface decoration features the look and feel of a complex tile installation that basically fills in a sgrafitto line with grout after the glaze firing.

Chinese Brush Painting

by Elizabeth Priddy

Elizabeth Priddy studied for years to master the art of Chinese brush painting and her surface decoration shows it. She describes the brushes you need, how to load the brushes for different strokes, and guides you through a practice piece so you can put what you learn to work.

Colorful Earthenware Plates
by Kristin Pavelka
Kristin Pavelka was influenced by the sgraffito wares from 11th and 12th century Iran, Scandinavian patterns, sugary confections, and mid-century design motifs. To combine all these influences she turns to a combination of slip decoration and sgrafitto along with a palette of colorful pastels.

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Slip Transfers
by Jason Bige Burnett

Too Much Television, uses newsprint and slip decoration combined with incised decoration, decals, luster, and glaze, creating dimensional surfaces that also pop with color.


y childhood interest in television cartoons influenced my current ceramic forms and surfaces. The bright colors, graphic patterns, and illustrative qualities recapture and celebrate my fascination with whimsical domestic representation. I’m inspired by the stylized hand-drawn utilitarian objects like a coffee mug in a cartoon character’s hand or the mixing bowl displayed on the shelf in their kitchen. I hope to continue that sense of wonder through real physical objects. The combination of commercial stained slips and newsprint create a stick-and-peel process. By applying slips saturated with bold colors onto newsprint, then transferring the drawn images to a slipped clay object, I can achieve an animated surface. Playtime doesn’t end there; I continue by introducing stamps, stains, and stickers to further enhance the ceramic surface until the desired effect is fully achieved.

Creating Newsprint Transfers
The process I’m using is equivalent to making a monoprint in traditional printmaking. Instead of drawing on a metal plate and transferring the image to paper, I’m drawing on newspaper then transferring to clay. As with all monoprints, keep in...
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