Cephalus and Procris Analysis

Topics: Marriage, Eos, Procris Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Procris and Cephalus

I. Summary

Cephalus was married to Procris. He was kipnapped by Eos, the goddess of Dawn. After many years, he sent back home with suspicious thought about his wife. He disguised into stranger man and tests his wife. But he revealed his true identity. Procris was hurt and she left him and lived alone in the mountain. Cephalus felt guilt and tried to find Procris. Procris reunited to her husband and gave her dog and javeline as a gift. A great angry fox came. Cephalus and his dog help hunters to capture the fox. But the will of gods, his dog and the great fox turned into stone.

While taking a rest, passer-by hear Cephalus calling Breeze to caress him and with the wrong thought, passer-by told it to Procris. Procris secretly followed Cephalus and heard that He was calling Breeze to caress him. Cephalus heard a noise and he thought that it is a wild animal. He threw his javeline and he stabbed the heart of Procris. At her last breath, procris told her husband not to marry the goddess of Breeze. Cephalus tried to explain everything but it too late. Procris died.


a. Exposition

Cephalus was a handsome hunter and sporty man. He married Procris. Procris was favourite of the Goddess of Hunting who gave her a dog and magic javeline that never fail its target. Eos, the goddess of dawn, catches her attention the handsome of Cephalus. Eos took him away. After many year of trying to get his feeling, Eos released him and sent him back home with some suspicious words on his mind about his wife.

b. Rising Action

Cephalus disguised into stranger man and tried to test his wife. Procris had a strong love with her husband. Cephalus revealed his true identity and explain it to Procris. Procris was shock and hurt about the accusation of her husband. She left and lived in the mountain. Cephalus felt guilt and he tried to find her. Procris wants to reunite with her husband. She...
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