Centralized Storage

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A centralized storage room is a proposed kitchen facility that occupies a bulk of stocks, both wet and dry goods. It has a built-in walk in chiller and freezer for perishable items and a stock room for room temperature raw materials used for culinary activities in the College of Hospitality Management. This study was conducted to identify the benefits of having the said facility through surveys and interview among some of the students and faculties of CHM during their summer class. The survey resulted with positive feedback from the chosen respondents. The feedback proved how the respondents are affected by problems that arise during their laboratory classes. This study provides the different solutions and data to back up the benefits it will create for the College of Hospitality Management.

Benefits of Centralized storage room of ingredients for culinary laboratory use in the College of Hospitality Management
Food safety does not happen by accident. To prepare safe food, you must follow certain steps and procedures throughout the entire food preparation process. You have to think, and have to pay attention to how you prepare food, to make sure it is safe (HACCP). Proper storing of any food items, perishable and non-perishable goods are must to be considered for food safety purposes that the students of College of Hospitality Management will be embedded into their mind because it has a big part on the fields that they have taken. De Lasalle University, Lyceum of the Philippines, and Philippine Womens University are some of the universities in the Philippines that has a centralized storage room for ingredients for their culinary activities. The university provides all the food items that their students needed in their kitchen laboratories.

Holy Angel University is one of the biggest universities in the Philippines and it has the biggest kitchen facilities under the department of College of Hospitality Management. In 1995, University President Dr. Arlyn S. Villanueva, then Dean of the College of Business and Accountancy, applied for a new program, Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM), as the University’s response to what she correctly predicted as the next big demand of the market. The Department opened in School Year 1996-1997 with a modest enrollment of 187 students. The course was tentatively put under the charge of the Department of Management and Economics, and then chaired by Mr. Elmer A. Palacio. In S.Y. 1998-1999, the newly opened Saint Therese of Lisieux (STL) Hall housed the Department’s kitchen laboratory (considered one of the largest in the country) and hotel rooms, among other facilities. The following year, the HRM course was separated from the Department of Management and Economics, with Ms. Rhodora Austria serving as the first full-time chairperson of the HRM Department and Ms. Cecille Romero as the Practicum Coordinator. Thus, the College of Business and Accountancy then housed four departments, namely, Department of Accountancy, Department of Business Management, Department of Hospitality Management, and Department of Office Administration. In June, 2009, the University President announced the formal separation of the College of Hospitality Management from the College of Business and Accountancy under the helm of the founding Dean, Gertrude P. Tuazon, with Mr. Tyron W. Yap as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Year Coordinator and Mrs. NoraingUyas 4th Year Coordinator (including Practicum). At present, there are 2,287 students taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism Management and Culinary Arts Management, making it the second biggest College in the University, next to its matrix, the College of Business and Accountancy. The College of Hospitality Management offers three (3) four-year courses, namely Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts Management, and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. The three (3)...
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