Centralized Inventory System with Pos Chapter I

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Centralized Inventory System with Pos Chapter I

By | October 2012
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L.A Avanceña Hardware is a retailer of hardware and construction supplies. The area of expertise of the business was home repairs. It has a good quality of materials like cement, sand, lumbers, house paints and other related products and providing a free delivery to their customers. It operates retail stores that required a record to be kept of the total cost and retail value of goods purchased, the total cost and retail value of the goods available for sale, and the sales for the period. Customers will get quickly assistance and will leave the store prepared to get the job done right. L.A Avanceña will also focus on anticipating the seasonal needs of its customers and providing the best products at competitive price. The focus is on helping the customer identify what they want as soon as they on the store. In this system, once the users sell a products or items, it will automatically deduct the items to the POS and it will update the data automatically to the main branch database. And when the branch have already out of stocked or in need to deliver the items, the main branch will automatically monitor if what items they need to be delivered to the other branches. Inventory is basically the total amount of goods and materials held in stock by a factory, store and other business. An inventory system is a process whereby a business keeps track of the goods and material it has available.


The objective is to provide a system that will help the business to become easier to the employees for tracking, record stocks data of hardware and construction supplies. It enables to develop and maintain good relations with the suppliers. And this aspect must be fully appreciated. This system updates the inventory counts at the Point of Sale and because of this instant update,...

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