Centralize Inventory System with Pos

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In today's business environment, even small and mid-sized businesses have come to rely on inventory systems. Certainly, there are plenty of small retail outlets, manufacturers, and other businesses that continue to rely on manual means of inventory tracking. There are some small businesses, like convenience stores, hardware stores might constitute a wasteful use of financial resources. But for other firms operating in industries that feature high volume turnover of raw materials and/or finished products, computerized tracking systems have emerged as a key component of business strategies aimed at increasing productivity and maintaining competitiveness. Moreover, the recent development of powerful computer programs capable of addressing a wide variety of record keeping needs including inventory management in one integrated system have also contributed to the growing popularity of centralized inventory options.

Background of the Study

L.A Avanceña Hardware is a retailer of hardware and construction supplies like cements, paints, tools, construction materials and related products. It operates retail stores that required a record to be kept of the total cost and retail value of goods purchased, the total cost and retail value of the goods available for sale, and the sales for the period. In this system, once the users sell a products or items, it will automatically deduct the items to the POS and it will send the data automatically to the main branch database. And when the branch have already out of stocked or in need to deliver the items, the main branch will monitor if the inventory of each branches so that they will automatically deliver the items or products to sell. When using POS software, all sales and transaction are made through the user’s computer. The user will tell the computer if what they're selling, the selling price, and the quantity sold....
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